Pamper Your Home: Pre-Winter Tips

by New England Real Estate Center, Inc. 11/29/2020

Photo by Sandid via Pixabay

Everyone loves pampering. Your home is no different. A little pre-snow cleanup gives your house that extra special attention it needs. Giving your home some special treatment will reward you with comfort, less clutter and a bright, clean environment.

Autumn Clean Up

During warm weather, dust, dirt, and sand sneak into corners and crevices. Attack the tight spaces between garden sheds and fences with an intense burst of water to dislodge debris. Rake decaying leaves and foliage away from your foundation. Clean out your gutters. Clogged gutters during a heavy rain may put your roof at risk of water damage. Call a gutter service if it is too dangerous or difficult for you to reach. In fact, this might be an excellent time to have your roof inspected too.

Check Your Outdoor Equipment

If you have cold-weather equipment in the garage or other storage, now is the time to clean it. Get it serviced and check it for rust, salt or de-icing residue and prepare it for the weather to come. Clean up your gardening equipment too. Storing away your spring and summer paraphernalia gives you more space to set up outdoor decorations. Remember to schedule the reverse in the spring: clean and stow your wintertime equipment in preparation for spring.

Take a moment to change out the contents in your car trunk. Switch out bug cleaner for anti-freeze and stow your summer beach gear. Change out that sun-shield for an ice scraper and replace your wiper blades. Add a winter survival kit (blankets, a candle, lighter, gloves, sand, and road flares) for a little added precaution.

Clean the Outside

Whether you have brick or stucco, vinyl siding or cedar shakes, soot, grime, mold, and mildew can build up. Clean vinyl siding using a soft cloth or brush and a mixture of 70% water with 30% white vinegar. Alternatively, use a mix of an oxygen-based bleach with a powdered household cleaner. Other biodegradable cleaners, especially if they are gentle, will work well too, but avoid harsh detergents or abrasive scrubbing. Make sure you carefully follow the advice of your siding manufacturer.

For stone, stucco, or bricks, use a power washer, but watch the PSI since too strong a stream may dislodge the mortar or loosen stucco. Remove mold, moss stains and mildew with specially formulated chemicals for your exterior type.

With a clean exterior, your house is ready for any hits from winter weather. As a bonus, if you’re placing your home on the market this winter, your extra efforts outdoors will make it stand out. For more winter curb appeal ideas, talk to your real estate professional.